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Clan Wars Team Setups

Discussion in 'Crossout' started by SerenitySkys, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. SerenitySkys

    SerenitySkys Inactive

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    Jul 16, 2017
    As most of you know Clan wars is here and with that we will be needing teams of 4 to go and murder the other wastelanders out there.
    To make this easier i would like every one to tell me there primary and secondary builds (or planned)
    You can use this to help build teams other then just random mashing

    Edit : Over all from what ive seen there is a standard setup for the "organised" groups. This was;
    1 Long Range : (3 x Executioner) --- (Mandrake + Reaper/Other)
    2 or 3 Skirmisher : (3 x Tunderbolts)
    1 Other : Normally fast, Mixed items "Scout" Build

    Suggestions :
    ClownCar : Turret build -- Reason, turrets are so low the cannons and thunders cant target easily
    ClownCar : Camo 88 booty killer -- Reason, Scout based run in camo and shoot up the ass

    Name -------------------- Primary -------------- Secondary -------------- Planned
    SerenitySkys ----- Scout 2Specter 1Rader ------- None -------------- 3Shotguns
    VanValdenburg -- 2Wasps 1Impulse(Grenade) --- 3Wasps ----------- 2Executioner
    MiiaBestLamia --- Scout 2Cricket 1Rader -------Tank Spitfire -------- 3Executioner
    ClownCar -------- 3Executioner ---------------- 3Thunderbolt -------- Cricket
    Kallekanin ------- 3Thunderbolt ----------------3Executioner --------- Rockets
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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  2. VanValdenburg

    VanValdenburg Admin Staff Member PUBG Moderator Donator

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    Sep 29, 2014
    Awesome you starting this. You did a great job today in your spotter role :)

    As for builds am really unsure. I have bought the purple grenade launcher and this is my only purple so far.
    I think that especially in clan wars you need some builds that have high dps in close range. One spotter is great to capture the base but not all builds are viable.

    I think the most viable builds atm is the thunderbold shotgun build.
    Also two executioner cannons seem to be a good mid range dmg build.

    However i can not afford any of these builds yet.
    So i though about another cheap build we could use to deal massive damage in close range

    Three wasps deal extreme damage in close quarter. They are relative cheap because they are only blue items.
    With two or more people that have three wasps, we could try to rush the enemy with focus fire.
    It would pretty much work like the thunderbolt shotgun build.
    I will make another thread about this when i have a build ready for everyone to download ingame :)

    Here my build atms:

    Name ------------ Primary ------------- Secondary ----------- Planned
    VanValdenburg -- 2Wasps 1Impulse(Grenade) ---- 3Wasps -------------- 2Executioner
  3. MiiaBestLamia

    MiiaBestLamia Inactive

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    Jul 19, 2017
    Main build is Growl with double crickets, an Improved engine and Improved radar. Don't have any other purple weapons, so i guess i could switch to a meatshield role with some Spitfires on it. I plan on possibly getting 2 Executioners, maybe 3, though I'm far away from that.
  4. wickdevl

    wickdevl Inactive

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    Jul 20, 2017
    I rly wana play clan wars :D

    My builds are:
    Primary :
    1. 3x 88 15/15 'dat range one' 10k
    2. 3x Thunderbolt + purple addons 15/15 'dat brawl one' 10k
    Secondary :
    3. Can make cricket one as well (got both purples and wasps if needed)
    4. Also got other stuff like miniguns but i dont see ppl using them often in cw.
  5. Kallekanin91

    Kallekanin91 Inactive

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    Jul 14, 2017
    1. 3x Thunderbolts 10k
    2. Working to get the last 88 for a 3x88 build.
    3. 10k Fat Man, Tow and Pyre.

    PS: Yesterday we used 3 guys with Thunderbolts and 1 guy with Avenger. Forced them to rush us.We did very good with this setup until the last hour of clan wars when we mostly met groups with almost exclusively GOLD weapons. Seems its important to start Clan wars early :)
  6. Wilauzaz

    Wilauzaz Inactive

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    Jul 22, 2017
    3x thunerbolts ^_^ Can run 3x waps if needed.

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