Our Game Platoons

U4G is using a Group based ranking system.

This is to provide that players with the same activity and dedication can team up faster.



we currently use the Squad system only in our main game PUBG

Charlie Squad is the first regular Squad that comes after Delta, our starter Squad.

This Squad mainly consists of casual players and those who aren't active enough for Bravo.

You like meeting new people and have fun? This is probably your Squad!


The Officers ultimately decide who enters their Squad.

There are several Officers responsible for each Squad.

They all vote for and against new players in our forum.

New Officers are voted in by the players of the Squad.


Bravo Squad is our second and most important group you can be part of.

This Squad consists of players that always come back to play with us.

You like to play actively and win some games? This is probably your Squad!

The General of each Squad is responsible for their Officers.

They closely work together and report back to the Platoon leader to assure everything is fine among the players.

Generals are key figures, they are truly active and dedicated towards U4G and the games they play.

Alpha Squad is our last group for now.

This Squad consists of long-time players who are dedicated to U4G.

You want to stay for longer then some months and enjoy tight-knit groups? This is probably your Squad!