Steam Skins Mining

*A lot of people especially gamers want to get involved into bitcoin or at least had a look at it.

Mining bitcoins back then with your GPU was possible but nobody really cared about it.

Also bitcoin is strange even for us gamers who deal with electronic internet money all the time in our games.

Now bitcoins can't be mined with GPUs nowadays but there is many other coins that have value. The majority of those can still be mined with common graphics cards. provides a platform where you can mine all those different coins and in the end you get payed in bitcoins.

This is awesome but you still have to deal with bitcoins, your wallet and all the security issues coming with it.

Another downside is that you would roughly need to mine 10 days, night and day with a GTX 960 to pay out your bitcoins.

Also a problem is that the transaction fees are very high right now and you would pay ~50% of the bitcoins mined in that 10 days.

The solution we can offer here is that you directly mine for us.

We get the bitcoins. We buy steam skins. We trade the steam skins to your account.

This way we can all unite and cut the cost on transaction costs. We pay only for one transaction and not for many resulting in zero transaction cost for you.

You can request a payout as little as we can buy a steam skin for you.

Automatic payouts are sheduled monthly so we can buy the most valuable skins and you don't waste your time with 0.08$ skins

You don't have to worry about bitcoins but you can fully profit from the technology.

Free steam skins just by letting your PC run when you don't play.

You ask why we are doing this?

Besides the fact that we are bitcoin enthusiasts that want to be part of the cryptocurrency revolution and somehow contributing to the infrastructure of miners:

We buy steam skins cheap with market orders beforehand and speculate on the price to be higher when you cash out your skins.

This is generally the case so we make a little profit or break even when we trade you the item.

You can always come into our discord server and ask us questions directly in chat, we normally respons in minutes when not busy:

*this project currently is in test mode with selected members only
we plan to make this available to everyone ASAP and will announce all dates on this page