U4G is a open gaming community and was founded Oktober 2013 in the game DayZ.
We are always trying to unite different play-styles and people all around the world.
U4G believes that not rules create a community. Opportunities does.

We do sponsor game server admins and provide game servers to them for free if we are able to.
So should you be interested in hosting a U4G server just contact us: admin@united4games.com

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  1. Hey guys,
    I need your help asap…
    It did not work with me to redeem the codes to get the police and paramedic backpacks.
    My platform is PS4 and I live in the Netherlands.
    Can someone help with an easy method to get those packs? Or maybe a code to enter directly in my account?
    Please help me to solve this.
    Thanks a lot..

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