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Discussion in 'NEWS' started by DiscoLando-CIG, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. DiscoLando-CIG

    DiscoLando-CIG Guest

    Friends, Citizens, People who Buy Spaceships, lend me your eyeballs;
    I come to speak of ship prices, not to avoid them.
    The cost of ships may rise as they move through development;
    The best deals are often lost as time moves on;
    So let it be with the Starfarer. The noble Ben
    Hath told you that prices for new concept ships,
    Would be announced a week in advance.
    And dutifully so has he mentioned it.
    Here, will we post such communications,
    For Ben is making me do this and I am,
    But only a person who does what Ben says.
    Come I only to speak of new concept ship prices?
    Nay, we will also disseminate changes to existing,
    Continually developing spaceships as they go,
    From concept, to hangar, to spacefaring adventures.
    You all did love these spaceships once, not without cause:
    So we will keep this thread locked and purely informational,
    Lest it digress into unsavory action and postings of ill repute.
    O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
    And men have lost their wallets. Bear with me;
    My heart is in the Starfarer I bought for $175,
    And I must pause till I fly off in it.

    2016.04.13 - The MISC Prospector Concept sale will go live on April 22nd, 2016 for the introductory price of $140.
    2016.04.19 - The MISC Starfarer Gemini is now $340, to match the recent increase in the standard Starfarer.
    2016.04.19 - The MISC Reliant Kore will increase to $65 when it becomes Hangar Ready.
    2016.05.12 - The Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale will have an introductory price of $110. No date for the sale has been set, yet.
    2016.06.10 - The Drake Dragonfly will go on sale Friday, June 17th at a price of $35.
    2016.08.11 - The ARGO MPUV with the Cargo Module will be sold individually for $35, with the Personnel Transport Module for $40, and a 2-pack (one of each) for $70.
    2016.10.03 - The RSI Polaris will go on Concept Sale this Sunday, October 9th for the introductory price of $750. It will have LTI. This Concept Sale will not be stock limited.
    2016.11.11 - The Esperia Prowler will go on Concept Sale on Friday, November 18th during the Anniversary Livestream for the introductory price of $425. It will have LTI.

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