Ring of Elysium Looking For Group Experienced

RoELFG.XP is the backbone of the leaderboard.
You will play with people on the NA and EU servers. Players with a top 10% rank and everything below.
We’re here to climb the ladder and to enjoy the game.

RoELFG.XP will focus on the competitive ladder rank.
You will gain ranks by winning games and increasing your score in the ladder.

When you're looking for a more casual players please join us on RoELFG.

Invite-only Discord

How to join:

  1. connect to our main RoE Discord on the right side
  2. accept the rules in #entrance
  3. post your rank screenshot in #top10percent
  4. proceed to post your rank screenshot again in #top1percent
Current Requirements for RoELFG.XP:
  • top 1% ranking for an direct invite (PM @VanValdenburg#7959 for direct invite)
  • top 10% and member of RoELFG for one week